Sciences, Humanities & Management

Department of Sciences, Humanities and Management is committed to foster a deep understanding of foundational knowledge essential for engineering background students. Our diverse faculty members bring a wealth of expertise in subjects ranging from physics, mathematics, humanities, management, literature and philosophy.

Through rigorous academic programs and innovative teaching methods, we aim to cultivate critical thinking, creativity, and a strong ethical foundation among our students. Whether you are exploring the fundamental principles of science or delving into the complexities of human culture and expression, our section provides a supportive environment where curiosity thrives and intellectual boundaries are pushed.


The primary objective of the Physics section is to train the young students in the areas of Physics, Engineering & Technology. The section follows the best teaching practices in the core area of Physics with a motto of learner-centric teaching and gives exposure to the students about the latest research through summer internship/project and a semester-long research project. The section has an excellent team of competent faculty involved in cutting-edge research and teaching to develop the careers of the next generation of physicists. The section has a strong Ph. D. programme and offers an excellent research in the field of Condensed Matter Physics, Material Science, Polymer Hybrid Nanocomposites, Organic Light Emitting Diodes: Electron Transporting Layer, Solar Cells: Emissive Layer, Photonic Crystal Fiber, Photonic Crystal as Sensor Application, Optical Communication Devices & Components etc.


Mathematics is often considered as the foundation of Science and Technology. Moreover, knowledge in computing helps in better understanding mathematical problems. A group of very motivated, qualified, and talented faculty is actively engaged in teaching and research in pure and applied mathematics and technology. Its importance lies in the fact that it caters to the needs of the undergraduate students of the Institute. There is widespread interaction between the mathematics section and various engineering department in the field of teaching and research. Currently, the section of Mathematics is running a PhD course in the area of Mathematical Modelling, and Numerical Simulation. Deterministic and Stochastic study of Mathematical models, Differential equations and Numerical Methods, Celestial mechanics, Orbital Mechanics, Space Dynamics, Astrodynamics etc.

Humanities, Social Sciences and Management

The section of Humanities and Management at IIIT Ranchi is dedicated to exploring and advancing knowledge. The courses offer a broad spectrum of perspectives that encourage students to engage thoughtfully with the world around them. Our programs emphasize strategic thinking, ethical leadership, innovation, and the practical application of management theories. Whether students aspire to start their own ventures or lead organizations, our section provides a solid foundation rooted in both theory and real-world practice. The section has a strong Ph. D. programme and offers an excellent research in the field of Human Resource Management, Organizational Behaviors, Labour & Industrial Relations and allied management specialization.

Explore our website to discover more about our professors, programs, research efforts, and the many options accessible to students within the Department of Sciences, Humanities and Management, at IIIT Ranchi. Join us in our ongoing pursuit of knowledge and advancement, as we strive to impact the future through our dedication to education and research.

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